Unnatural Selection
Hi there! I'm Chiara or Laxy or whatever name you want to call me. I'm Italian, 22 years old and I like too many things. That's why you can find manga/anime, videogames, TV series and more here. This blog is messy for a reason, after all ~

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Do you remember your promise?

♦ KHEChallenge ~ Day 08
OTP ft. Riku & Naminè

“What are you drawing?” he asks her. In the evenings, after a day of re-chaining Sora’s mind, Naminé draws for herself. Not for Sora, or for DiZ, but just for her. Sometimes she thinks it’s selfish, but necessary, still.
“A knight,” she replies, “but it’s not coming out right. I don’t know how to make him act.” She looks at Riku with that honest, full-eyed stare- “What does a knight do, really? Besides rescuing princesses.”
It takes Riku a moment to think that over, because he’s not really sure. (He, who dreamed of being a knight, of slaying dragons and saving princesses; but working for dragons and kidnapping princesses.)
“I guess… they protect people. That’s their job.” His answer comes across straight-faced and serious, and it stirs something in Naminé that she would call laughter if she thought she had a heart. She laughs anyway and it sounds real, but feels empty. “How do they act, though?”
“Polite…” he begins, thinking it over again. “Kind. Chivalrous?” Another pause. “…Like this.” Without thinking, he takes one of her hands gently, carefully. He presses his lips to her hand just like every storybook he’s ever read and imagined and for a moment he really feels like a real knight with a princess to protect.
The moment is over and he lets go of her and draws away again, blushing slightly. Naminé doesn’t blush, but there’s a light and sweet smile playing on her lips as she goes back to her drawing. “I think I know how to draw him now,” she says, and Riku would like to stay and watch but he’s afraid of turning a darker shade of red. The sharp smell of his darkness tinges the air, and then he’s gone.
In some ways he is the knight he dreamed of being. He just can’t see it yet.